Mighty man of war. NIU is a gospel singer from Akwa Ibom State, she is the fifth child of her family of late engineer Ibanga James Usoro. Her source of inspiration in music is from above and that is from God the omnipotent, the JEHOVAH himself. Her single “MIGHTY MAN OF WAR” one of the many spirit filled songs from God. This revelation came on the 21st of September 2017 while she was in the spirit, acknowledging her creator, her father her king, singing love songs to him in her own way, expressing her gratitude and love for him. The song “MIGHTY MAN OF WAR” talks about the unbeaten and the undareable power and strength of God that has no contestant, it talks about who God is on the battle field both spiritually and physically, it talks about what he did in the old and how he is more than able to do the same even more in our time. No matter the situation, God “THE MIGHTY MAN OF WAR” is always on stand by to dethroned and enthroned. No matter the storms of life, just one call on God the JEHOVAH is enough to put every wave to calm. If I want to start narrating how MIGHTY the MIGHTY MAN OF WAR is, time will not permits even the note books in the bookshops in the entire world will never be enough but this song tells it all. So no matter what you face in life, never forget to call upon the MIGHTY MAN OF WAR, he says, call unto me in times of you trouble and I will answer you, he says seek me early and ye shall find him. This song is released on the 15th day of November 2017, exactly the first day of the third week of the month of November. Just as Jesus resurrected on the third day, every third quarter is a moment of restoration. May this song bring hope to the hopeless and peace to the peace less in Jesus name AMEN!!!.


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