My Hustle Must Pay - Obed Thompson

27 May 2019

My Hustle Must Pay

Finally Obed Thompson a seasoned Lagos – Nigeria based gospel singer & producer has dropped another inspirational and moral single “MY HUSTLE MUST PAY” A song of Hope and Encouragement to all those who work tirelessly just to make sure they meet up to their needs, some even go extra miles each time they remember they have bills to pay, families to take care of, and loved ones looking up to them for assistance. My dear friend, no matter what you’re passing through in life, don’t ever think of giving up on that good thing you’re doing cos one day God will surely crown your efforts with success, because He knows what to do, when to do and how to do it for you. Someday you will look back and smile because that challenge that couldn’t kill you just made you stronger. Speak into your life and prophesy to yourself that you will surely succeed…..

“MY HUSTLE MUST PAY” (Produced by @Voyagesounds)




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My Hustle Must Pay // Obed Thompson - My Hustle Must Pay
  1. My Hustle Must Pay // Obed Thompson - My Hustle Must Pay